Time Worked Calculator Print Help

   A drawback of the program is that it has no built in print function.  However, using the keyboard and either a word processing (ex. MS Word, Word Perfect), paint or picture (Picture-it or Photoshop) program, a printed copy of the Time Worked Calculator window can be made.  Follow these steps:

1.  Start up a word processing, paint or picture program and minimize it's window.  Start up Time Worked Calculator. Make sure no other windows are displayed.

2.  Locate the Alt key (Bottom of keyboard, to the left of spacebar) and the Print Screen key (Prt Scr - Top of keyboard, to the right of F12 key)

3.Press the Alt and Print Screen keys at the same time for a second.  This takes a snapshot of the TWC window.

4. Bring up whichever program was previously minimized and place the cursor in the program.

5. Locate the Control key (Ctrl - bottom left on keyboard). Press the Control and letter V keys at the same time for a second.  This will paste the previously copied TWC window into your program.

6.  What has been pasted into your program is an image, therefore, you can use the photo tools in your program to enlarge, reduce, crop, etc. it to your liking.

7.  Print and/or save the image.