Time Worked Calculator Helpful Hints

1. To run program from the Albany Stewards web site choose "run" when you see dialogue box.

2.  To save program to disk choose "save" when you see dialogue box.

3.  If you choose to run the program from this web site, three harmless files (twc.cfg,  twc.ses, & twclog.txt) will be placed on your desk top.  These contain configuration, previous session and log information.  If you don't want this, choose the "save" option to download to and work from a folder of your choice on your computer.

4.  After starting program, choose "Tools" then "Preferences" to configure program to your liking.

5.  When entering numerical data enter a "0" first with single digit numbers or it will appear program isn't working. (For example enter 9:00 as 09:00)

6.  The program rounds decimals up when appropriate which is what employers are also required to do. (For example .667 rounds to 1)

7.  Make sure your system clock is correct as the program uses the date function to keep track from week to week.

8.  A drawback of the program is that it has no built-in print function other than printing out the unformatted log file.  Click on "Print help" to view how a copy of the week's computations can be printed out.

9. Make sure you have printed out or written down the computations from one week before clearing the information in the next week as it will appear only in a log file thereafter.

10.  Remember to press the "save and exit" button when ending a session so previous information is saved.

11. For additional information please read the "Instructions" link. Questions or problems can be directed here.