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Welcome to albanystewards.com
Here you will find news and information by and Click here to send an email to the Albany Stewards about your UPS Albany steward team as well as the Teamsters Union and Local 294.  Look around and if you ever have any questions call us or the Union Hall at the numbers on the left or send us an email.

Sean Nolan
(Avis Dr. Delivery Chief Steward)

Tom Schlutow
(Avis Dr. Inside Chief Steward)

Shannon Groff
(Stanley Circle Chief Steward)

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Phone Numbers

IBT        (202) 624-6800

NYS Teamsters Benefit Funds    (315) 455-9790

UPS HelpLine
              (800) 220-4126

OSHA, Albany office

NYSDOT         457-6195

Dept. of Labor, Albany


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    The Albany Stewards is an unofficial web site for the members of the UPS, Albany hub who are members of Teamsters Local 294, Albany, NY.   The purpose of this web site is to disseminate news and general information regarding the union stewards of the UPS, Albany hub, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Local 294, the New York State Teamsters Benefit Funds and UPSIt in no way has been sanctioned or authorized by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Local 294, the New York State Teamsters Benefit Funds or UPS.  This site is however built and maintained by Teamsters.

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Stewards List 

Teamsters Welcome Packet

Weingarten Rights

Pension Projection Request Fill-In Letter

Benefit Administrators

Benefit Eligibility

Benefit Enrollment

Minutes to Hundredths Conversion Chart

Withdrawal Card Request

Searchable Resources

National Master Agreement 2013-2018 (Teamster.org)

Upstate/West NY Supplement 2013-2018 (Teamster.org)

UPS Contracts & Supplements 2013-2018 (Teamster.org)

Local 294 Bylaws

IBT Constitution

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